​Recent DistrictDeaths:                                                                                 

Bob Barton, Holiday Out, longtime pro shuffler, played for Stuart S.C.

Kae "Sweetie Pie" Towner, pro shuffler, played for Stuart

Don Walston, Pro Shuffler from Port St Lucie

Sarah Galloway, Longtime pro shuffler. Passed away recently in N.C.

Dick Gibson, Tropical Haven shuffler.

Helen Luchi, Lakes of Melbourne, Long time Pro Shuffler

Dave Hill long time pro shuffler from Spanish Lakes # 1

Jim Pezzetti Long time Pro shuffler from Spanish Lakes CC

Walter Wood , Long time Pro Shuffler from Ft Pierce

Jim McGaffin, Heavily decorated Veteran of WWII, Longtime Pro Shuffler from Ocean Breeze Park, after a short illness

Rod Milley, Long time Pro Shuffler from Riverland

Don Clift, Long time Pro Shuffler from Riverland

George Biehler, Long time  Pro Shuffler from Stuart

Paul Massey, Former President of CECD and Pro Shuffler from Wickham Park

Eleanor Farnum, Long time Pro from Ocean Breeze Park

Nancy Shradar, Long time Pro from Cambridge

Roland Lamkin, Long time Pro from Port O Call

Ed Jetty, Melbourne area

Ray Ridick, Pro from Port St Lucie

Tony Prusko, Pro From Port St Lucie

Don Desabrais, Longtime Pro from Spanish Lakes CCV

Bob Ludlow, Longtime Pro from Spanish Lakes I

Lynn Beesley, Long Time Pro and Tournament Director from Spanish Lakes I

Kevin Kenney, State Amateur from Spanish Lakes I

Pete Shalins, Pro from SL Fairways.

Gladys Dolby, Pro from Stuart

Sukie Ware, Long time Pro from Tropical Haven

2014 --August 13 Roger Milam, Long time Pro from Tropical Haven

Oct 16  Blair Wishart, Pro Shuffler, past District President and past Tournament Director

Herb Perrin, Amateur from Hollywood Estates

Nov  Clifford Wesley Morse, Pro from Stuart, Leisure Village and Fort Pierce

2015 --  Mar 26  Larry Zopes  Pro Shuffler from Vero Beach

July  Jim Mulrennan, Amateur from Wickham Park

Aug 29 Almon Johnston, Amateur from Vero Beach

Feb 2016 - Doug(Woodie)Woodward Amateur from Spanish Lakes #1

April 2016 - Byron Thomas Amateur from Tropical Haven

July 7, 2016 - Nelson Cross,  Long Time Pro from Ocean Breeze. District Tournament Director for CECD and State Tournament Director.

August 31, 2016 - Ben Jerome, Amateur from Wickham Park.

Sept 1, 2016 - Noni Beatty, Amateur from Vero Beach

Sept 2016  - Everett Taylor from Whispering Palms Shuffleboard Club

Jan 21, 2017 - Robert (Bob) Drew, Pro from Stuart

Apr 2017 - Les Wysocki, Amateur from Spanish Lakes #1

Apr 17, 2017 - Ted Cutler, Pro from Ft Pierce  

June 1, 2017 - Frank Romano, Amateur from Wickham Park

Sept 19, 2017 - Yvonne Duguay, Pro from Spanish Lakes Country Club

Oct 9, 2017 - Jerry Alexander, Pro from Tropical Haven

Nov 26, 2017 - Bill Daly, Pro from Tropical Haven

Nov  13, 2017 -  Art Stanley, Pro from Vero Beach

Dec 2017 - Ross Riggs, Amateur from Spanish

Lakes Country Club

Jan 2018 - Wayne Kitchens, Pro from Vero Beach

July 19, 2018 Ed Ohns, Amateur from WickSeptham Park

Sept. 2018  Alice Dolecki, Pro from Whispering


Oct 4, 2018 Dottie Southers, Pro from Spanish

Lakes #1

Oct 2018 John McFadden, Pro from Whispering Palms

Jan 31, 2019 Aileen Ohns, Pro from Wickham Park

Mar 26, 2019 Bruce Bradford, Pro from Spanish

Lakes One.

April 26, 2019 Charles Lamb, State Amateur from Tropical Haven

Sept 26, 2019 Dominic Nardone, Pro from JohnSpanish Lakes One.

Oct 7, 2019 Janice French, Amateur from

Whispering Creek

March 6 2020 John Desmarais, Amateur from

Spanish Lakes One.

July 2020 Charlie Gleason Pro from Stuart

Aug 19 2020, Tom Steenbergen, Pro from Wickham Park

Sept 24, 2020, Marie Sandford, Amateur from

Ft Pierce.

Oct 2020 John Knapp, Past Pres. of CECD and Pro shuffler from Cambridge

Nov 14, 2020, Barry Goodman, State Amateur from Wickham Park

Nov 27, 2020, Paul Parparian, Pro from Vero


Jan 29, 2021, Lois Flickinger, Pro from Whispering Palms.